Every year in Bibione a march takes place which is a fundamental stop for all lovers of ‘slow’ tourism: the "On foot for Bibione" meeting, a non-competitive event that takes place in April, whose organizing committee is A.s.d. Bibione Marciatori Group.

The event will be accompanied by food and wine stands and food and beverage outlets whose number varies depending on the length of the route. Finally, to close this experience in a festive atmosphere, there will be a draw and a prize delivery dedicated to the participants.


Since 1996, when the Mizuno Beach Volley Marathon has first started, this event continues to attract athletes and volleyball lovers of all ages, levels and nationalities. An appointment thanks to which thousands of enthusiasts gather in Bibione to take part in this incredible event that brings together great champions and simple amateurs on the same beach.

Known internationally as the most important open event for this sport, it is eagerly awaited by all players, who organize themselves months in advance to participate and start searching for their teammates.


If for your holidays you dream of a place with a multi-faceted panorama and endless possibilities, Bibione is really the place where the most demanding can find what they are looking for.

Here, sports lovers and especially fitness lovers will certainly feel at home. Bibione Beach Fitness animates the beach for an entire weekend in mid-September. Every year, the organizers choose the disciplines to be proposed among the colorful fans of Latin dance and fitness, giving the event an increasingly rich and complex shape.


Bibione offers its visitors the opportunity to experience the experience of "slow tourism" in the heart of Valgrande, its most precious naturalistic jewel.

It is a territory of 360 hectares consisting of fishing valleys, an uncontaminated green area rich in rare animal and plant species.

Bibione and more.

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