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We would like to remind you that if you have already booked your stay in Bibione in a hotel, apartment or campsite, your beach umbrella
is usually included in the price. Please contact your accommodation to check how to reserve your space on the beach.



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The pleasure of reading a book, of taking a walk along the sea shore, of sailing across the waves, of watching your child playing together with the entertainment team, of meeting new friends while learning how to dance Latin American balls or during a gym lesson.



the beach offers perfectly functioning equipment, in order to satisfy every tourist need. Bibione is also the first seaside resort of the Adriatic Sea that introduced the Customer Service: trained personnel ready to address and solve with competence and kindness the requests placed by the tourists.


11.5 km of a golden, fine and soft sandy beach with an average width of 400 m, that offers personal space thanks also to the reasonable distance kept between the beach umbrellas.


the wide beach has the specific feature of being oriented towards the Zenith, a location that assures a constant sun exposition - from the morning to the evening.


Bibione is the beach families prefer, since the sea bottom goes down gradually and is therefore especially safe for children. Furthermore, 22 lifeguards’ premises with rowing and jet boats guaranty the safeness of all bathers. The beach disposes also of a First Aid centre and a defibrillation unit with physicians for immediate assistance.



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1 ... sending

Simply send an SMS to +39 366.92.36.115 giving the name of the beach section, the zone code letter and the number of your beach umbrella.

2 ... receiving

If you need assistance with your beach space, you don't need to search for a customer service attendant (who you can tecognize thanks to their customer service t-shirts).

3 ... assistance!

Right away a customer assistant will come to your beach umbrella and provide you with all the assistance you need.


Bibione: free internet under 18,000 umbrellas

Free internet access will be available along almost the entire length of the Veneto resort’s beach, allowing tourists to read, share content and – let’s be honest – work by the seashore. The service is eagerly awaited by foreign tourists because it will allow them to avoid roaming charges.

Bibione is set to break another record in summer 2016 by providing free Wi-Fi under 18,000 umbrellas. The resort near Venice is aiming to become the biggest beach in Italy to provide tourists with wireless internet access.

In Bibione, it will be simple and free to read books and newspapers online, tweet, show off your tan on Instagram and – let’s be honest – deal with work matters. It will be especially beneficial for foreign tourists because it will enable them to avoid roaming charges.

Huge efforts have been made by Bibione Spiaggia srl to get everything in place. The work started over a year ago and it will be completed in time for the launch of the project on 14 May, which is the official opening day for the summer season.

Bibione Spiaggia srl runs approximately 75% of the beach in the Veneto resort. The objective of its service is to offer both quality and quantity, with a choice of two types of connections. The first is called Wi-Fi Free. It is free and it is available 24 hours a day to everyone who hires an umbrella from Bibione Spiaggia srl, either directly or through the rental agencies, campsites and hotels. Thanks to a password-based rapid authorization system, they will soon be relaxing as they surf on the shore. The second option is a payment-based service called Wi-Fi Pro for people with specific connection needs.

By providing free wireless internet access over such a large area, Bibione is making an important new addition to its range of services, which satisfies – and often anticipates – the needs of visitors. Countless services are provided all along the coast for the safety and peace of mind of holidaymakers. To give just a few examples, there are seven first aid stations and a dermatologist on the beach, a paediatric care service in the resort and a special medical service to deal with the needs of dogs, who have their own dedicated area of the beach in Bibione.

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