Bibione offers its visitors the opportunity to experience the experience of "slow tourism" in the heart of Valgrande, its most precious naturalistic jewel.

It is a territory of 360 hectares consisting of fishing valleys, an uncontaminated green area rich in rare animal and plant species.

To understand the historical and natural value of this place it is necessary to take a step back and mention its origins.

It is a lowland formed during the construction of the Tagliamento delta. In 1600 it was transformed into a fishing valley by the will of Antonio da Molin and, thanks to the care and environmental sensitivity of the owners who inherited it after him, its appearance has remained almost intact, so much so that it still hosts a harmonious whole of truly unique historical, cultural and naturalistic elements.

List all the riches of this place would take away the taste of being able to live them through direct experience, it is enough to remember the presence of a Roman maritime villa, centennial holm oaks and fossil dunes to convey the unique nature of this place, a special place, already considered among the most interesting natural heritage in Europe, a protected area that received EMAS recognition in 2002.

At the same time, it was decided to open it to the public to make its peculiarities and the possibilities it has to offer from an experiential point of view known and accessible to all.

Today it can be visited through various types of routes, mainly on horseback, by bicycle, on foot or by kayak. These tours take place over a distance of 10 km with the support of guides who speak Italian, English and German.

It is also possible to engage in activities that allow you to immerse yourself in nature, such as photography and bird watching. This gives the opportunity to recover a contemplative dimension far from the brisk and dynamic climate of the beach.

Visitors will discover here another side of Bibione, the keyword is sustainability, in Valgrande, man lives the natural space moving in a respectful way, everything is aimed at creating a balance that can allow future generations to live in this place the same experiences that every visitor to Bibione can do today. The excursion in Valgrande can also be accompanied by a brief stop at the Nature Education Center.

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Valgrande, via Baseleghe, Bibione.

The Valgrande can be reached by car from the Corso del Sole and turning at the roundabout. It can be visited only with the support of a guide. The activities that take place in Valgrande are weekly and the prices may vary.

The activities take place on a weekly basis and visits are made in groups. For those with walking difficulties, children or elderly people who need support to be able to travel long distances in the woods, it will be possible to discover the infinite beauty of the valley thanks to the golf cars, which continue along the marked paths.

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