If for your holidays you dream of a place with a multi-faceted panorama and endless possibilities, Bibione is really the place where the most demanding can find what they are looking for.

Here, sports lovers and especially fitness lovers will certainly feel at home. Bibione Beach Fitness animates the beach for an entire weekend in mid-September. Every year, the organizers choose the disciplines to be proposed among the colorful fans of Latin dance and fitness, giving the event an increasingly rich and complex shape.

Over time, Beach Fitness has achieved really important dimensions: around 250 hours of lessons are offered in which each participant can devote himself to his favorite discipline in a fun and dynamic way with the guidance of exceptional dance teachers of national and international fame.

Everything takes place in an open air space that will be completely dedicated to training and will host for this purpose a dozen platforms that will be set up a few steps from the sea, occupying an area of 10,000 square meters.

Participants will then be able to decide between alternating lessons with a nice bath or a drink on the beach.

Why is Beach Fitness every year a guaranteed success?

Certainly for the Bibione’s ability to attract more and more fans of dynamic sports and outdoor holidays.

The strength of Beach Fitness is certainly in the experience that it gives to its participants and in its harmonious integration into the wider BibioneUP project, created with the aim of proposing engaging activities in the name of the person's psychophysical well-being.

The event is more and more updated and spectacular every year, behind it there is the work of an excellent organizational team and, despite being a single annual appointment, its preparation requires a constant commitment to updating and creativity to always find new ideas that meet the wishes and needs of the participants.

This commitment is bearing fruits: edition after edition the curious increase and, in parallel, Bibione Beach Fitness manages to find the key to accommodate any type of interested visitor: enthusiasts who are eager to attend all possible lessons, the professionals, the curious who want to try, the occasional participants and many other categories.

The ability to embrace and make everyone feel at home in this experience is a distinctive factor that gives value and strength to this event and, what further contributes to its uniqueness, is certainly the difficulty in finding a show of this size dedicated to these disciplines in the whole European panorama.

Useful information

For registrations, two deadlines are generally set, one in July, which allows members to purchase lesson packages at a reduced price, and a second deadline in August.

Events dates:

20 /21 /22 september 2019

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