Every year in Bibione a march takes place which is a fundamental stop for all lovers of ‘slow’ tourism: the "On foot for Bibione" meeting, a non-competitive event that takes place in April, whose organizing committee is A.s.d. Bibione Marciatori Group.

The event will be accompanied by food and wine stands and food and beverage outlets whose number varies depending on the length of the route. Finally, to close this experience in a festive atmosphere, there will be a draw and a prize delivery dedicated to the participants.

The event is annual and its meeting point is Piazza Mercato, near the Luna Park in Bibione, the departure takes place in the morning while the end of the march is scheduled for the early afternoon.

This initiative is open to anyone who has the desire to rediscover Bibione in slow mode, walking along the paths that the territory makes available. You can decide to have this experience alone and meet other people who share this passion, or you can participate in a group or with your family, including children, to share a different day together, discovering a Bibione that only a few curious allow themselves to know.

It is also an event accessible to all, the routes in fact have different lengths and, The ground on which the 6km walk takes place, is also suitable for passing strollers and prams.

The longer routes, 11-14-22-27 km, include the crossing of tree-lined roads, pine forests and parts of the route in privately owned areas, all of which will be highlighted by two-colored ribbons along the way.

The event is not only the opportunity to experience slow tourism, but also to make an experience that helps develop greater sensitivity towards the theme of preservation of the Bibionese territory. In fact, it is possible to discover aspects of this destination that are completely new, making it clear that attention to the environment is one of the fundamental conditions of the existence of this event and of numerous other slow experiences thanks to which it is possible to immerse yourself in nature. make movement and learn more about the peculiarities of a place like Bibione.

The march will also be held in case of bad weather with possible route changes both in the type of road and in the length of the tracks. The route of the march can also vary year after year, therefore it is necessary that all those who have the desire to have this experience inform themselves about the itinerary and that they start the march all together following the Musical Band that is in the lead at the moment of departure.

Useful information

To be able to take part in the event it will be necessary to fill out a registration form and pay a small participation fee which will be facilitated for FIASP members.

For the registration of groups (minimum 15 people) there is a specific date by which the organizers need to have the list of participants. Individuals can also register early or decide to register on the spot.

The advance payment is necessary for anyone who wants to take advantage of the facilities for housing and the prizes awarded to those who have made the prescription by a certain date.

Among the services connected to the event we mention: doctor, ambulance equipped with a defibrillator, assistance on the routes, connection with mobile phones, assistance for recovery of participants, event closing service on the various routes. The event is assured through policies stipulated by FIASP with GROUPAMA branch in Pordenone.

We invite anyone who wants to participate to read the regulation related to the event.

Event dates:

26-28 April 2019

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