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Destination bibione: EMAS registration - eco management and audit scheme

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Green Flag:

Our company uses green energies:

100% SUSTAINABLE ENERGY: 100% green energy, all our electricity is certified by the Energy Services Manager with Guarantees of Origin, a national certification tool that since 2009 traces the energy produced from renewable sources and promotes a more cleaned up. Right from the start we decided to join this system.

Our company uses FSC paper:

FSC is an international non-governmental, independent and non-profit organization, founded in 1993 to promote the responsible management of forests and plantations, and includes among its members NGOs and environmental groups (WWF, Greenpeace ), social (National Aboriginal Forestry Association of Canada),

In Italy the FSC brand has assumed a leading role in the forest products market such as wood, paper and non-wood products (such as cork), placing our country in fifth place in the international ranking of FSC Chain of Custody certifications.

FSC proposes itself as a point of reference in the legality and sustainability of the wood-paper supply chain, in accordance with the most current standards of responsible management of forest resources.