General Rental Conditions

 The real estate agency MC by Mario Cicuto & SNC acts as an intermediation agency. Our services are exclusively as mediator between the client and the owner of the apartment


In our “General Rental Conditions” we intend:

-as “Agency” or “Renter” the real estate agency MC by Mario Marcello Cicuto & C. SNC:

-as “Guest” the person that books the houses that the MC agency offers for rent;

-as “Booking” the request of the Client to rent an apartment, for a specific period during the season;

-as “Proposal agreement” the communication from the agency, after receiving the reservation, with the details of the offer and the request to send the deposit;

-as “Confirmation Letter” the communication by the agency to confirm the receiving of the deposit  and the completion of the location;

-as “Location” the agreement between the agency and the costumer;

-as “General Rental Conditions” the conditions to which the location is referring.


Each reservation can be made directly with the agency, by phone or e-mail.

The client has to communicate the complete information about himself (name, surname, address, e-mail, number of mobile phone, date and place where he/she is born). It’s not possible to make more bookings for the same person in the same period. Every agreement must be made with the effective guest. The owner of the agreement must be an adult.

We accept booking for a minimum of 7 nights with arrival and departure on Saturday for the high season period; in other periods it’s possible to stay for a minimum of 5 nights, where we apply an extra for the final cleaning and the assistance service; the costs are visible in the table of the catalog dedicate to the additional costs.

The Offer is a promotional offer that we apply to selected apartments and for different periods. With this offer the guest will receive a discount for the rental price. The offer depends always on the availability of the apartments.


With the booking we intend that the client expressly accepts all the condition here written.


The booking is admitted and confirmed only after the receiving the deposit as  the 30% of the lease sum. This amount should be send by money order, allowance, by cash or by certified letter with return confirmation, or by bank transfer, up to 15 days after the reservation has been made. As description of the payment has to be added the number of the Proposal agreement, with the name and surname of the account holder of the proposal agreement.

 If we do not receive the payment within 15 days, the booking will be cancelled. The agency has the right not to accept any payments received after 15 days.

Last minute reservation (made during the 7 days before arrival date) requires a 30% advance payment of the lease sum by online bank transfer. Please send us also a copy of the payment per e-mail or fax: we can deduct the payment only when we receive the sum. For last-minute bookings you could be we requested a credit card pre-authorization.

The balance and any further expenses are to be paid at arrival in cash, POS, VISA or other credit cards; you can pay in cash only if the sum is less than Euro 2.999,00.


For cancellations made up to 4 weeks before the arrival, the advance payment will be considered as a deposit for a future reservation in the actual or following season; otherwise the deposit will not be repaid. If the guest decides to part in advance to the last location day , the agency won’t give back the resting sum for the lasting days.


The agency can cancel in every moment the location agreement, if it becomes impossible to respect the agreement, meaning if:

-the guest disturbs all the time;

-the guest  don’ t respect the rules and the agreement;

-the guest doesn’t pay the rent.


The price of the accommodation is all inclusive: rental price and other costs (including hot and cold water, gas, and electricity costs, air conditioning and heating – if available, condominium charges and waste tax in favor of the owner, and  as for agency fees and additional costs requested by the guest.

The Agency provides 1 beach place free of charge as promotional offer (1 umbrella, 1 beach chair, 1 beach bed) beginning from 4th row. Extra is to be paid for the 1st , 2nd, and 3rd row. It’s possible to book the beach umbrella on-line as written  on our web site.

It’s also possible to buy a second beach umbrella directly on the beach.

In Bibione Pineda (in the Pinedo, Shany, Kokeshj, Lido, Seven): the beach service is secure from the middle of May to middle of September; the first 3 rows for this trade are not free for the tickets gives by the agency.

The prices are without final cleaning. Any additional charges for extra fees are available in the relating page of our brochure.


The tourist tax is added to the rent. It depends on the rules of San Michele al Tagliamento municipality, the age of the guest as in part on the rental period too. The tax has to be paid at arrival, and the amount is € 0.50 per person to every day.

The Agency has the right to ask a deposit of 100,00 Euro IN CASH to guarantee the rule of conduct and the proper use of apartments. The caution should be paid cash or by pre-Authorisation of cc. The This deposit will be returned on departure date only after our accurate check of the apartment and in particular breakage, missing due to you, or other things that give right to compensation. The guarantee will be kept in case the guests, at departure, leave the kitchen, fridge, pots, cutlery, plates or glasses not properly washed or damaged; the guest is responsible for the final cleaning. Moreover the fridge must be defrosted, cleaned and left open.

The agency will give back the caution at the moment (in the apartment), or if the guest leave during the night or outside the office hours, the agency will send it by post after the necessary controls.


For the apartments in Bibione Spiaggia, Lido dei Pini and Lido del Sole you can take the keys in our office in Corso del Sole 43.

For the apartments in Bibione Pineda you can take the keys in our office in Viale dei Ginepri 112. At the arrival the guests have to show, for the record, the identity card of every guest that occupy the apartment and pay the balance. For speed up the delivery of keys, we suggest to the guest, while they are attending the keys, to fill in the specific module in readable way with every data of the guests and to sign it. To facilitate the bureaucratic aspect, it’s preferable to send the date via mail or fax after making the booking.

Apartments and parking places are available from 17:00 to 20:00. Please inform the agency in time in case of any delay by phone. The guests, who do not occupy the rented apartment until 12:00 of the day after the arrival date without giving any notification, are considered as “cancelled” and the agency has the right to rent the apartment again. In case of last minute reservation without an advance payment the apartment will be guaranteed till 12.00 of arrival day; after that time without any notifications the booking will be cancelled and the agency has the right to rent the apartment again.

Apartments and parking places must be left no later than 10 a.m. of the departure day.

For departures outside the office time (only if previously agreed with the agency) the keys must be left into the key-box outside the agency. For flats with caution money the guest should strictly follow instructions and timing given by the agency.

In case of delayed arrival or advanced departure will be charged the total amount for the whole period indicated in the booking. At the arrival we give to the guest a receipt that shows the payment of the caution from the guest; this should be given back at departure. If the guest loose it, you’ll have to inform immediately the agency.


The housing of more persons in the flat than indicated in the catalogue (beds number) or in contract is strictly forbidden. Children and babies are counted as adults. Any change of the number of the persons occupying the apartment must be previously agreed with the Agency. Breaking the rule allows the agency to break the contract immediately without any refund.

Pets are only allowed, if the house rules permit them and after agreement with the agency.

A guarantee of minimum Euro 100,00 will be asked; to properly guarantee the healthiness of the flat, the disinfection cost will be asked (same prices as the final cleaning). However, the flat has to be left cleaned and in good order, otherwise final cleaning cost will be asked twice.

The keeping of a pet without notification entitles the agency to end the contract without any refund.

The guests has to have the maximum respect for the apartment (walls, floors), the electrical appliances (fridge, cooker, dishes, etc.) and the furniture (pieces of furniture, beds, tables, etc.).

The guest have to respect the rules of every structure and in particular the specific relaxation time  from 13:00 p.m. to 16:00 p.m. and from 22:00 p.m. to 08:00 a.m.. we ask to respect the swimming pool closing time (from 13:00 p.m. to 16:00 p.m. and from 20:00 p.m. to 09:00 a.m.). The swimming pool, the animation and others activity inside the structure aren’t guaranteed in low season. We suggest you to take specific  information by our offices.

Any unnecessary noise especially at night has to be avoided (e.g. wearing clogs, slamming doors, rearrange furniture…) or loud speaking, singing and so on during the night.

The use of personal ovens, portable climate units, boiler plates is strictly forbidden.

Smoking in the apartments is absolutely forbidden.

If the flat is equipped with air conditioning and it is on, all doors and windows must be closed.

In case of bad weather all doors and windows have to be closed (especially attic apartments), awning and any garden furniture (if present). In case of any damage resulting of disregarding this rule, the client will be held responsible.

Our staff is authorized to enter in the apartments for any repairs and maintenance, also during your absence. Not following the above rules, authorizes the agency to terminate the contract at any time even with the police attendance if necessary without refund to the customer and still

demanding payment for the whole stay and any eventual damages.


The guests receive the apartments cleaned up and they have to leave it cleaned.

Any complaints for an unsatisfying cleaning condition at arrival must be notified within an hour to the Agency that will act as soon as possible but not later than 19.00 (for arrival after 20.00, the day after until 10.00). Our staff will check the apartment as soon as possible. No refund is given, in case of belated complaint or if the client cleans the apartment by himself.


Every apartment has got a cooker or a gas cooker, a fridge, kitchenware (cooker, dishes, glasses), hot and cold current water, electricity of 220 Volt; for every bed we give you a cover and a pillow. The apartments are without table-clothes, bed and bath cloths: if the guest hasn’t got bed sheets and/or towels, he can rent these throw the agency (the prices are showed in the pertinent table). For the protection of the bunk bed has to be asked in the agency; in other case we decline every responsibility.

The gas supply is made by gas cylinder. Please contact the agency as soon as the gas bottle is empty; we will contact the gas company to change it as soon as possible. Please stay in the apartment until the arrival of the workman. The service is available only from 9.00 to 12.45 and from 16.00 to 19.45.

The service is not available out of this above mentioned time, on Sunday afternoon and on 15th August.

Each apartment has only one parking place and the car has

to be parked exclusively in his parking place. The second car must be parked nearby your home, respecting the highway code (the agency is not liable of any  refund). Parking places and box autos are made for normally cars and the possibility to park minivan, SUV, camper or vans with special heights or size is not guaranteed. If the guest park his car in a fee parking, the agency does not give any refund. In special unexpected cases the agency can replace the apartment with another of equivalent or better category without extra charge for the customer. Any request about floor, number, side, can’t be guaranteed.

The pictures of the flats in the catalogue or on the website are exemplary. All flats have their own special features and vary slightly.

Every information in the catalogue is verified, excluding misprints.

All apartments have the Energy Performance Certificate, and are available for viewing in our Agency.


Customers observing any case of damages or cases of disturbances are obliged to contact the agency till 12.00 of the following day of arrival or they will be held responsible for those.

The agency can’t be held responsible in the following cases: accidents, brakes, burglaries, any other inconvenience like: malfunction of air conditioning or any other electrical device like decoders of the satellite and digital TV, roof antenna, satellite antenna, lift, or if the reserved parking place is unfortunately occupied by third parties.

Please contact the agency for any problem, we will do our best to solve it. Any damage claims must be submitted directly with the agency.

The apartments are not insured in case of fire or burglary. Please be sure to take care of your objects of value not leaving them unobserved anywhere. Please do not leave any electrical item plug in when not using it.

The agency is the intermediary between customer and owner of the flat, which means that the contract is made between those two parties.

Any legal dispute has to be brought behind the court of justice in Venice.


Furniture and description of the structure

The apartments are decorate and build as the owner likes and it has got the essential services in simple and adequate way. For TV there is no guarantee for all the channels, especially foreign channels.

The availability of hot water depends of boiler, if it’s regulate the distribution of the hot water, hence the guest have to control at the arrival that the switch or the thorn are connected.

The electricity power of the flats is of 1,5-3,0 KW: before to use every household appliance (Hairdryer, iron, microwave oven, etc.) remove the switch or the thorn of the boiler. In the case where the electricity is suspended, we ask you to move down the automatic-circuit breaker and to find the  Electric panel to restart, and in most of cases it’s on the ground floor in the same structure.

The guests have to control that the temperature regulator of the fridge should be in number 2° or 3°, to have the best working of it.

If you need a new gas bottle you have to announce the agency , that provide for  the substitution; the service is made quickly from  the specific firm with the following timetable: 9:00 a.m.- 12:45p.m.and 16: p.m. – 19:45 p.m.. After the communication the guest have to wait in the flat till their arrival. The service is impossible outside the timetable, on Sunday afternoon, and on 15th of August.

The guest that book their holiday in  Village Evanike can use the Wi-Fi free connection for all the holiday. Login and password are to be asked in the agency at the arrival. The animation in the village Evanike is guarantee only in high season. The fireplace, is without grill.

For every bed we give you a cover and a pillow. The guest have to have within only the clothes for the bed, the table, and bath (if the guest hasn’t got them, he can ret by us the necessary). On request is possible to rent bed cloths and towels. The mattress cover and pillow cover can’t be used as bed cloths.

We suggest you not to leave value objects because the flats aren’t injured in stolen case or damage.

It’s FORBIDDEN to flap the table cloth and chuck objects from windows or terrace in other down floors.

We remember you that some bugs may appear (for example mosquitos, flies, spiders, ants) and spider webs  are born during the night. It’s possible that a description view should be hidden from  trees, hedges or enclosure. We can’t guarantee the same sitting pale in the garden area as the sleeping place but we guarantee a garden table and two chairs.

When outside of the structure there are some pelmets for the different bundle of rubbish (damp, dry that cannot be recycling, paper, plastic- glass), we please you to scrupulously respect the rubbish sharing.

The distances are usually regarded by the agency. The distances correspond sometimes to the air line. You need them for the orientation. Where it is, the pool, the animation and others activity inside the structure aren’t guarantee in low season on with bad time. We suggest you to take specific  information by our offices.

Bibione and more.